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About the Project

The Ascend Label narrative is steeped in a fervent dedication to craftsmanship and a deep understanding of its audience. It embodies a spirit of hope, celebrating the rich offerings of the continent, and firmly believing in the untapped potential within every individual. Our pursuit is not of flawlessness but of mastering our art.

The brand swiftly gained recognition in South Africa, owing to its popular design pattern and distinctive vertical stripes.


The client sought to provide users with the level of international service and inspiration that modern luxury brands deliver. To achieve this goal, Ascend Label required a versatile e-commerce platform. They aimed to create an ambiance reminiscent of renowned brands such as Fear of God, Gucci, and Louis Vuitton. Unfortunately, Ascend Label’s online presence and store fell short of impressing customers, making it challenging to align the brand with other luxury counterparts.


  • Revamp the Ascend Label online store to enhance its image.
  • Position Ascend Label as a top-tier luxury brand in the market.
  • Boost sales figures significantly.
  • Generate higher traffic to the online platform.
  • Infuse the brand’s online shopping experience with a global allure.
  • Uphold exceptional levels of customer service for maximum satisfaction.


We meticulously analysed both competitors and renowned luxury brands, scrutinising everything from their online presence and reputation to their social media identity and overall online shopping journey. Utilising retail calendar seasons such as Easter, Halloween, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Christmas, we harnessed the cultural and sales trends. Additionally, we capitalised on the significant influence of popular culture and fashion within the South African market, aiming to integrate these elements into our strategy.


  • Capture customer emails during the checkout process to establish a robust customer database.
  • Regularly update customers about promotions and new releases through marketing newsletters and mailers.
  • Implement behavioral retargeting strategies.
  • Utilize meta ads on Facebook and Instagram for effective online promotion.
  • Create engaging social media digital designs to keep customers well-informed.

Ascend Label Before and After

Overall results

After eleven months of development, the site was launched, marking Ascend Label’s most successful e-commerce sales to date. The entire project was accomplished entirely remotely, and due to a clear vision, it was executed within a relatively short timeframe.

Ascend Label Case Study Overall results

Dima & Sira (Pty) Ltd maintains an ongoing partnership with Ascend Label, cultivating a pipeline of prospects through CRM, design, and digital marketing efforts. We firmly believe that financial success in business naturally follows when we deliver tangible results for our clients. Our primary focus is on making a significant impact and driving sales growth, an area where we excel.

Industry Fashion
Budget R23,800.00
Services E-Commerce, Digital Marketing, Web Design
Sales 2,300%