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Parliament of South Africa - SONA 2021

Parliament of South Africa

Industry Government
Budget R300,000.00
Services Live Streaming, Online Broadcasting,  Graphic Design

The Parliament of South Africa plays a critical role in the country’s democratic process, serving as the legislative authority responsible for making laws, overseeing the executive, and representing the interests of the South African people. To enhance transparency, accessibility, and citizen engagement, the Parliament embarked on a comprehensive live streaming and design project.

The live streaming and design project undertaken by the Parliament of South Africa exemplifies a proactive approach to leveraging technology for promoting democratic values and citizen engagement. By embracing innovation, enhancing accessibility, and fostering transparency, the Parliament has strengthened its relationship with the public and reaffirmed its commitment to democratic governance. This case study serves as a testament to the transformative power of technology in advancing parliamentary democracy in the digital age.

Ascend Label

Industry Fashion
Budget R23,800.00
Services E-Commerce, Digital Marketing, Web Design
Sales 2,300%

We meticulously analysed both competitors and renowned luxury brands, scrutinising everything from their online presence and reputation to their social media identity and overall online shopping journey. Utilising retail calendar seasons such as Easter, Halloween, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Christmas, we harnessed the cultural and sales trends. Additionally, we capitalised on the significant influence of popular culture and fashion within the South African market, aiming to integrate these elements into our strategy.

After eleven months of development, the site was launched, marking Ascend Label’s most successful e-commerce sales to date. The entire project was accomplished entirely remotely, and due to a clear vision, it was executed within a relatively short timeframe.

Math & Co Wines

Math & Co Wines

Industry Alcohol
Budget R25,500.00
Services E-Commerce, Digital Marketing, Web Design
Sales 120%

Math & Co Wines is a renowned winery based in South Africa, known for its exquisite selection of premium wines crafted with precision and passion. To expand its reach and cater to the growing demand for online shopping, Math & Co Wines embarked on a strategic initiative to develop an e-commerce website. 

The launch of Math & Co Wines’ e-commerce website represents a significant milestone in the winery’s journey towards digital transformation and market expansion. By prioritising user experience, seamless integration, regulatory compliance, and strategic differentiation, Math & Co Wines has successfully established a strong online presence and cemented its position as a leading player in South Africa’s competitive wine industry. 

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